Eng. Eduardo Gargiulo


Eduardo Gargiulo was born in San Juan, Argentina, on December 13rd, 1965. Ha graduated as an Electronics Engineer from the National University of San Juan.

 He started working at IDIA in 2002 developing tasks of development, building, operation and maintenance of instruments applicable to the Dynamics of Structures.  He also participates in tasks related to the development of intelligent interfaces to collect data from analogic sensors and instruments for the laboratory of structures tests. In the field of research, he has carried out studies of intelligent sensor networks for real-time monitoring of civil constructions in seismic areas.

 Besides, he has participated in works related to energy dissipation and behaviour of structures with passive systems of seismic protection. Engineer E. Gargiulo is Assistant Professor in Digital Electronics I and II Chairs, in the Electronic Engineer career, Faculty of Engineering, National University of San Juan.