PhD. Eng. Lucas Garino


Lucas Garino was born in Córdoba, Argentina, on June 17th, 1979. He graduated as a Civil Engineer from the National University of San Juan in 2006. Some years later, he graduated as PhD in Civil Engineer from the Faculty of Engineering, National University of San Juan.

Since 2007 he has been a researcher at the Earthquake Resistant Research Institute (IDIA-UNSJ) carrying out research and transfer tasks related to geotechnics, structural safety of dams and tailings dams, among others. From 2013, he is member of the area: Appropriate Technologies and Social Interest Dwelling, of the Regional Institute of Planning and Habitat (IRPHA-UNSJ).

He is Assistant Professor in the Structure Analysis Workshop Chair of the Civil Engineer career, Faculty of Engineering, UNSJ, and Professor of Assignments in Structures I chair, Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Design, UNSJ. He has participated in numerous national and international research projects, being the co-director of some of them. His scientific papers have been published in more than 15 articles in scientific magazines and journals in various countries such as Argentina, United Kingdom, Chile, Spain, United States of America, Portugal, Brazil, El Salvador.