Eng. Gustavo Navarta


Gustavo Navarta was born in San Juan, on January 25th, 1982. He graduated as a Civil Engineer from the National University of San Juan. CONICET granted him the postgraduate scholarships Type I and II, to develop the “Flow Failures and Avalanches of Mining Tailings Deposits” thesis topic in the Earthquake Research Institute (IDIA).

He started working at IDIA in 2014, carrying out teaching, research and transfer activities. His academic background  relates to numerical modelling of fast flows of mining waste. Besides, he participated as a researcher in the Project “Improvement of the Seismic Response of Adobe Buildings” between 2013 and 2015.

He is Teacher in charge of Assignments in the “Finite Element Method and Structure Analysis Workshop chairs in the Faculty of Engineering, UNSJ. At present, he is taking the course of the Doctorate Program in Civil Engineering at the National University of San Juan.