Mag. Eng. José L. Bustos


José Luis Bustos was born in San Juan, Argentina, on April 24th, 1965. He graduated as Civil Engineer from the National University of San Juan in 1992. He graduated as Magister in Earthquake Resistant Structures Engineering at the UNSJ.

Since 1995, he has been working at the Earthquake Research Institute (IDIA), being a member of its Advisory Council since April 1998. He carries out activities in research, teaching and transfer for private companies and government institutions.  He is Professor in the Program “Behaviour of Structures and Components under dynamic loads” and “Systems of Structures Protection and Seismic Security.”

Since July 201, he has been Head of the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Engineering, National University of San Juan. He has participated in numerous national and international research projects and has been director of Master’s Theses and Scholarship to Scientific Initiation. His academic background relates to the study of the behaviour of earthquake resistant structures and the development of seismic protection systems.